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I can not rest to become the best, but dont tell me its for me when its for them. I’ll be your guest, I’m not the rest, I’m just that kid that left his house a bit upset. and I’m still walking down the street... Up to the sky it seems the same to me. That’s right! I’m not that good... I’m not the person you’ve been. This is the meaning of all these things. And I should be myself and not another trend. I want to be the same you met when we were
just friends. I want to save my mind, living my life outside this bedroom of dreams... and I wonder why I can not sing. Swallow your pride and bite your tongue, and listen here for once, I promise... (Never shout me again like I was something I’m not),
I won’t say it anymore, do you feel better with yourself? (When you speak to me like I was a piece of shit!). For all this mount of rage I made now I can’t feel a thing, by the way, I’ve waited all this time, to be the one who thinks about it. I swear I’ll go! I’ll fucking go! I’ll go outside this cave of madness that I can call home. Move out you stupid kid, and smile the same again. This is not the reason, this is all I believe.


from Not As Good As You Expected, released January 10, 2016




Upside Down Madrid, Spain

Generic Pop-Punk band from Madrid

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